Save yourself time! If you already have an account on the PSA meeting website, log in first. Your information will be prepopulated when checking out.

Registration rates will increase on October 10, 2021, and then again on October 31, 2021. See a table of rate changes.

Instructions for Registration

  1. If you have a PSA meeting website account, log in before registering. 
  2. Choose the number of attendees. If you're only registering for yourself, choose 1.
  3. Fill in the required information for each attendee.
  4. Choose the items (registration, program, etc.) for purchase.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and checkout.
  6. Enter your credit card and billing information.
  7. When complete, you'll receive confirmation/receipt via email and be able to access your registration details from your dashboard on the meeting website.

Regular vs Online Only Registration

  • Regular registration is required for all presenters regardless of their session type/format. 
  • Regular attendees will have access to all in-person and online events
  • Online only attendees will have access to remote presentations  (filter the program by format to see what's available), the PSA 2021 Slack channel, special events (Public Forum, Presidential Plenary, and Presidential Address), and other online events. Please note that online attendees will not have access to hybrid sessions.

Low-Income Rates

The PSA sets a special low-income rate in recognition that some of its attendees are facing financial hardships for various reasons. The PSA also encourages application to its Sponsor-a-Scholar program for philosophers from countries where currency inequities may prevent them from joining the PSA and attending the meeting. 

Verify Your Membership

If you can log in to the PSA website, then your membership is current. Otherwise, you can renew or join the Philosophy of Science Association.

2021 Rates

Tickets shall be display depending on your field selections.