This will be used for discussions leading up to and during the meeting. It is currently for use by people interested in participating in symposia proposals to reach out to others with their ideas for sessions. Groups with partly organized sessions who need additional participants, people with an idea who want to find others to help develop the plans and participate, etc., are all encouraged to post here and read existing posts. You will need to create an account to post; this account will be used for later proposal/paper submission and conference registration as well. Once you log in to your account, click on the Symposium Proposal Discussion tab below to post. Discussions are threaded, so you can reply to an existing post with any related remarks. You can also subscribe to receive follow-up comments on any of your posts. Once you create a post, you can edit it, but not delete it (you can delete the content but not the post). If you would like a post you've made deleted, please email

General Discussion

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